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Here is Ms. Casey and Ms. Sanchez having fun on Twin day.

Insight: The Christmas Pageant - A Joyous Celebration

Interview with Program Director, Mr. Anthony Calliste on the planning and hard work that goes into producing the pageant


Our annual Christmas Pageant is a much anticipated event.  Organized around a theme, it gives the students an opportunity to celebrate Christmas while they showcase their talents.  The pageant featured performances from the school choir, dance group, class and individual performances. 

Why is it important to present a Christmas Pageant?

It allows us to showcase our Catholic Identity and deepen the student' understanding of the true meaning of Christmas. It also gives the students a platform to showcase their talents through song, poetry, music, drama and dance.

What does it mean to the students?

It provides an opportunity to exhibit their various skills.  It is one of their favorite events and they look forward to it with great anticipation.

What does it mean to the teachers?

The teachers are as enthusiastic as the students as it gives them an opportunity to showcase their creativity and as well as their students' varied talents.

What was the theme of this year's pageant?

"The Gifts of Christmas"

It was inspired by the gifts that children receive at Christmas, and their significance.  I wanted to make a contrast with the gifts that Jesus offers us, namely prophesy, joy, hope, peace and love.

What goes into the preparation?

A lot of time, dedication and patience! It takes time to select appropriate items for each class, duration of each performance, stage directors, making and purchasing props and costumes, auditioning and selecting the actors.   The scripts are important, sometimes the students write their own scripts and the planning committee members modify plays to suit our own purpose.

We start preparing in October and rehearsals begin in November.  Once the scripts are finalized, we order the costumes from a commercial vendor and some parents opt to design and make their children's outfits. 

How important is the school choir?

Tremendously important. They open and close the program. Therefore, they set the tone and mood for the evening, and bring finality with a joyous and participatory rendition.  I work close with Ms. Stoute and Mr. King, the choir directors. I inform them of the theme and give them a general idea of the script. I make suggestions about song and dance choices, but they have the freedom to make an input.

This year the  Praise Dance Group was part of the show.  How did that come about?  

Their performance was meant to be an added attraction and they gave a rousing performance.  Ms. Crosdale, the Dance Director, developed their performance exclusively.

How do you feel about this year's show?

Elated. I think that the show was successful and that the message was well received.  I would like to thank the DJ and the MC for a job well done. Certainly, I think that we achieved what we set out to.  I think that the true meaning of Christmas was conveyed through  the various talents, in an atmosphere of love and good cheer which is typical of the Christmas Season and Spirit.

The feedback from the parents has been very positive indeed.  With the exception of a few minor flaws, our guests loved the show.  they were particularly pleased with the duration, the costumes and the performances.

Thank you very much Mr. Calliste.  We only have to wait another year to find out what you have up your sleeve for the next Christmas Pageant.

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